Brian Boling
Brian Boling

The original founder and visionary behind automotive telematics, returns to Procon Analytics to lead the company’s IoT strategy.

Boling, a trailblazer in automotive GPS, holds multiple IoT patents leveraging GPS technology. Prior to putting the core Procon team back together, he held the CEO position at Connected Holdings, an Intelligent Services Platform company that incubates new IoT startups. There he successfully incubated several connected car technology solutions that ultimately became the foundation of Procon Analytics. Boling founded one of the early automotive IoT companies, Procon Inc., back in 2003. During his earlier tenure at Procon, the company delivered nearly 4 million connected automotive GPS tracking devices He ultimately spun off the sub-prime automotive finance solutions under a new name, Spireon. Spireon became the first and only aftermarket automotive group in the USA to deliver over 1 million devices per year under his leadership.

Boling started his career at Philips Consumer Electronics Company. While at Philips, Boling managed the High Frequency Business in Singapore, where he led the Far East division through its highest growth period in Phillips’ 40-year history. In this position, he was responsible for the design, construction and start-up of new industrial facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia. Other accomplishments included restructuring the Philips Acoustics Group, headquartered in Belgium, where Boling engineered a successful turnaround that involved significant labor relation challenges in Western Europe. Boling later was the GM of the Philips TV business in the USA.

Boling has a BA and MBA from the University of Tennessee.

Bill Cheney
Bill Cheney
CTO & Managing Director

The technology innovator behind Procon Analytics’ progressive new big data technology and catalysts for easy-to-use applications that help customers make faster, smarter and more profitable business decisions.

Cheney is a pioneer and innovator in IoT cloud-based technology. As COO at Connected Holdings, Cheney was the evangelists of performance, profitability and customer experience. He also was the mastermind behind the new connected car technology products that he will continue to evolve under Procon Analytics. Prior to his appointment to Connected Holdings, Cheney held the CFO position at Spireon Inc. Cheney was a founder of Drive OK, one of the leading companies in the Vehicle Finance IoT business before being acquired by Spireon. And before that, Cheney was a senior executive at Qualcomm in its semiconductor and international investment divisions.

Cheney’s specialty is in operational processes and systems that are critical success factors to an IoT company’s ability to scale, sustain growth and deliver strong returns. His newest endeavors in big data analytics promises new and even more exciting sources of growth and profitability.

Cheney holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the US Naval Academy, and an MBA from Stanford University.

Eric Miller
Eric Miller

As the resident financial guru, Eric Miller drives Procon’s strategic, value-based and data-driven decisions, while balancing top-line growth and bottom-line profitability.

Miller brings over 20 years of financial experience to the table. He has managed multi-million dollar P&Ls, raised capital and enhanced financial transparency across the multiple corporations he’s supported. Prior to joining Procon, Eric served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance at Intersections, Inc., a NASDAQ listed multi-national leader in consumer financial analytics as well as financial executive positions with Payoff, Inc. and loanDepot, both leading financial services companies here in Orange County, CA.

Miller earned his undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University and his M.S. in Business, with honors, from The Johns Hopkins University.

David Meyer
David Meyer

Meyer brings a methodical approach to Procon’s platform development and daily operations adding forward-thinking management processes and a holistic approach to customer lifecycle management.

Previously, Meyer held the position of Executive Vice President of Sales and Services at Spireon, Inc. where he was responsible for the operations of its rapidly expanding automotive solutions group. With over 28 years of industry experience, Meyer established several of the fundamental building blocks in technology that have been adopted by over 14,000 car dealerships across the country.

As a former General Manager of a high volume, new car franchise dealership group and a successful owner of BHPH and Powersports dealerships, he understands first-hand the challenges faced by today’s automotive customers. Meyer brings hands-on field-based automotive retail experience backed by a successful entrepreneurial track record that spans over two decades.

Daniel Walpole
Daniel Walpole

Daniel Walpole wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night envisioning disruptive new ways to transform raw data into actionable intelligence businesses  can use to make lives more convenient, secure and connected for businesses and consumers alike. When he’s not awake, he’s dreaming about it.

If anyone is up for the task of harnessing big data, it’s Walpole. With an instinct for identifying and capturing opportunities, he also knows when to listen and learn from experts who know more than he does. When he was a Managing Partner for Verizon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Resale Business Group, Walpole devoted hundreds of hours talking to and learning from the industry’s leaders and innovators. In the process, he built partnerships that helped him create a $200 million business pipeline for the telecom giant in just a few short years.

During his tenure at Verizon, Walpole had the chance to meet automotive telematics pioneers Brian Boling and Bill Cheney, the visionary leadership behind Procon Analytics. Boling and Cheney soon became Walpole’s mentors as well as collaborators. When the opportunity arose to bring Walpole on board as Procon’s Chief Data Officer, the leadership team at Procon didn’t hesitate to make it happen.

As Procon’s CDO, Walpole leverages his deep industry knowledge, experiences and connections to pursue diversified new vertical markets and forge partnerships within and beyond the automotive sector. His focus is on helping more businesses transform massive data lakes into filtered, controlled and actionable streams of intelligence that not only deliver value to customers, but also drives sustainable and profitable growth for Procon. Walpole’s strategy is to expand digital transformation direct to consumers too. As people across the globe spend more and more time on their mobile devices, Walpole is looking to perfect the technology that helps connect consumers to the things that matter most in their lives and then put that power and control back in their hands so they can use it when and how they choose.

A native of Great Britain, Walpole honed his entrepreneurial skills in the aggressive world of British “commission only” advertising sales. He migrated to the U.S. and joined the sales team at AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS, and Verizon. During his tenure at Verizon, Walpole developed and lead some of the highest performing sales teams in the Company. His direct and honest style has generated a legion of former employees who are fiercly loyal to him. The father of 3 children, Walpole brings the same focus and dedication as a club soccer coach. His vision was to build a soccer program that placed more importance on developing the boys, as young men, than it did on wins and losses. A program that showed them how to learn from both the successes and failures of competitive soccer as a way of preparing them for adulthood – this year, (as the only non-paid coach out of 140 teams in the competiion) that vision lead to his team  becoming the California State Champions, their sixth major trophy in five years.