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Dealer Lifecycle Management

Since 2003, Procon Analytics has been a leader in connected car telematics. Together with dealer management groups and dealer principals around the country, we designed a state of the art advanced Dealer Lifecycle Management (DLM) & Profit Center solution. The plug-in GPS technology:

  • Increases profit
  • Improves CSI
  • Provides inventory control
  • Improves service retention
  • Protects vehicle assets

Our new Connected Car App is intuitive, tested, proven and sold through the F&I department. Procon’s advanced DLM solution not only pays for itself and increases gross profit per vehicle sold, it also helps connect the dealer to their customers throughout the lifetime ownership of the vehicle. DLM alerts your when it’s time for service based on mileage-base reporting. Plus, your service department gets notified whenever a check engine light is trigger.

Procon’s DLM solution is sold through trust distribution channels managed by the Procon Automotive division.

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